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Ziplock Bags Are

Environment friendly Recyclable bags , Reclosable and user friendly bags, Multi-use (Reusable) packing bags and NOT one time single use bags.

Established in 1981 in a modest way, SVP introduced the concept of Reclosable Packaging in India through its brand Magicseal®.

SVP has maintained its leadership over 3 decades through a single, simple principle, “SATISFACTION OF EVERY CUSTOMER”. The credit for our market leadership goes largely to the minute attention to details and consistent R & D.

With a vision and commitment to attain reclosability on a wider range, SVP introduced the concept of Zipper Profiles and Zipper Attached Bags in India in 2003.

With a firm belief in the reclosable concept, SVP continues to provide “Reclosable Packaging Products and Solutions” that are tailor-made as per customer requirements.

Today, SVP is the leading zipper packaging company with its maximum presence across India.